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    Energy label for tyres from 1 May 2021

The new EU energy label for tyres

By launching its revised tyre labelling regulation and its registration database EPREL and offering the option of two new performance indicators (snow and ice grip), the European Commission intends to provide better information to consumers buying tyres, to support them in their decisions, and to enhance their awareness for tyres delivering the best safety and environmental performance.
Tyres that have been produced and are placed on the market from 1 May 2021 bear a new tyre label as set down in EU Regulation 2020/740

The new tyre label
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What’s new and important for you – summarised in a video clip

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What does the EU tyre label tell you as a buyer of tyres?

The new EU tyre label helps consumers to decide in favour of a higher fuel efficiency class for their tyres. This can contribute to large reductions in running costs and emissions. Enhanced wet grip means greater road safety, and details of external rolling noise contributes to a reduction in traffic noise levels. 

The actual fuel savings and road safety depend heavily on the behaviour of drivers, and in particular on the following:

  • Eco-driving can significantly reduce fuel consumption
  • Tyre pressure needs to be regularly checked to optimise fuel efficiency and wet grip.
  • Stopping distances must always be respected.

Ice grip tyres are specifically designed for road surfaces covered with ice and compact snow, and should only be used in very severe climate conditions (e.g. cold temperatures). 
Using ice grip tyres in less severe climate conditions (e.g. wet conditions or warmer temperatures) could result in sub-optimal performance, in particular for wet grip, handling, and wear.

The criteria behind the EU tyre label


Energy label
The EU has introduced energy (efficiency) labels for a great many products. Whereas the tyre label covers performance criteria in addition to energy and fuel efficiency, it nevertheless falls under the energy efficiency category. By retitling this label, the Commission intends to safeguard a common layout for all energy labelled products. 

QR code
The QR code on the label contains a direct link to the product in the EPREL database. Here you can retrieve the label and product information sheet for each of the tyres registered. EPREL (European Product Registry Labelling) is a European database for energy labelled products.

The tyre type identifier is the manufacturer’s internal article number. In other words, all tyres of this type have the same construction and deliver the same performance.
The tyre label assigns the tyre classes:

  • C1 for passenger vehicles like cars, mobile homes, buses
  • C2 for utility vehicles like vans, trucks, trailers with a speed category ≥ N
  • C3 for utility vehicles with a speed category ≤ M

Wet grip class
Wet grip is assigned to classes A to E. Wet grip is crucial to safe driving. For instance, the difference between class A and class E braking distances is 18 m.

External rolling noise class
The label presents the volume in dB and the class A (quieter), B, or C (louder). The noise emitted by tyres affects the total noise levels emitted by the vehicle.

Snow grip
The snowflake symbol confirms that the snow tested tyre keeps within the 3PMSF limits (type approval).

Ice grip
The ice symbol confirms that the tested tyre braking on ice keeps within an ISO limit set for a standard reference tyre.


>>> REGULATION (EU) 2020/740 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the labelling of tyres with respect to fuel efficiency and other parameters, amending Regulation (EU) 2017/1369 and repealing Regulation (EC) No 1222/2009

Why does the tyre label look different on my new tyres?

Tyres produced before 1 May 2021 bear the former tyre label set down in EU Regulation 1222/2009. These need not be relabelled by their manufacturers.


Do tyres with the old label perform worse?

No, the label design has no effect on the tyre properties or the tyre price.